HDTV and Kodi in your living room - based on Nvidia VDPAU, VDR and Ubuntu Linux

Web Frontend

Not all settings can be determined automatically during the installation of yaVDR. Therefore, yaVDR is equipped with a web frontend that should allow you to configure the most important settings in a comfortable way.

How can you access the web frontend? If your yaVDR machine has the IP address, you can get to the web frontend

The username and password needed to login is the standard user you have set up yourself during installation.

To give you an impression of what the web frontend has to offer at this time, please have a look at the following screenshots. You can access the frontend remotely, for example from a notebook. Besides that, it is also available locally on the yaVDR machine: Firefox is pre-installed there too.

As of now, the web frontend is only available in a small number of languages. Please contact us, if you are interested in translating the language labels to other languages! The current developer versions of the language labels can be found here.

VDR Configuration via OSD

Many VDR configuration options can be changed using the On-Screen Menu (OSD). Please check the LinuxTV wiki for more information. It contains the VDR Users Manual. OSD options of VDR plugins are described on the respective wiki pages for the individual plugin. Please browse the Plugin overview page within the wiki.

System configuration via shell

Of course it is possible to modify the system using the shell within a terminal. There are several ways to access a shell on yaVDR:

  1. Within VDR-OSD main menu, choose "Applications" and in this menu "Terminal". This will open an xterm for you. (You might want to use "su - [yourUserName]" there to switch to your own user.)
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to tty2. After you have finished your work, press Ctrl+Alt+F9 to get back to the TV picture (X-Server). (We don't recommend to use tty1 because we have tweaked the cursor there to be invisible for a nicer boot experience.)
  3. Connect to your yaVDR HTPC via SSH. If you want to connect from Windows, use the nice little tool called PuTTY.

XBMC configuration

To use yaVDR's XBMC version with VDPAU and PVR integration, XBMC currently has to be manually configured (we are working on automating this). Within XBMC settings, you have to enable the VDR-streamdev PVR-client manually. Under Video settings you have to choose "VDPAU" instead of "Auto" as the renderer.

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