HDTV and Kodi in your living room - based on Nvidia VDPAU, VDR and Ubuntu Linux

Staying up-to-date

To get the latest updates for yaVDR via the internet, you should regulary update the packages on your yaVDR installation. This can be done from the command line like this:

To refresh the list of available updates:

sudo apt-get update 

To install available updates of installed package and also install necessary new packages use:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This is the standard update workflow which is the same for all Ubuntu based distributions. Please check the Ubuntu Server documentation on apt-get for further details.

Whenever you use sudo, you need to type in the password that you have set for your personal user account during installation. To understand the concept behind the sudo command is essential when using Ubuntu Linux (and yaVDR is built on top of Ubuntu Linux). Please read the sudo documentation to learn why you don't need to care for a root password on Ubuntu.

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