Chapter 2. Introduction

yaVDR [5] is a linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu. It has been customized for the use of Klaus Schmidingers Video Disk Recorder. It is well-suited to receive, record, edit and play digital and analogue [6] TV that is broadcasted through the regular receive paths [7].

In addition, the very powerful HTPC [8] software XBMC extends the your yaVDR computer to a complete multimedia station.

For the sake of integration of new features and improved hardware support, yaVDR takes advantage of rather new (and still as stable as possible) development versions.

Supported hardware will be recognized and set up during the installation process. This saves configuration efforts for the users.

The majority of the system settings can be adjusted via an comfortable web frontend.

[5] yaVDR stands for yet another VDR

[6] requires Hauppauge PVR TV cards; reference PVRinput-Plugin

[7] DVB-S(2), DVB-C, DVB-T

[8] Home Theatre PC