yaVDR Documentation

Marcus Zurhorst

Revision History
Revision v0.5October 2012MZ


To the team of yaVDR that introduced me to the VDR and to all the hard-working developers and users that assisted me on my way.

Table of Contents

1. License
2. Conventions
1. yaVDR
2. Introduction
2.1. Hardware Requirements
2.2. Installation of yaVDR
2.2.1. Download
2.2.2. Installation
2.3. First Steps
2.3.1. Install the latest updates
2.3.2. Operating the VDR
Keyboard Table
Configuring the remote control
USB receivers and USB DVB sticks
Remote controls of internal TV adapters
2.4. The Web Frontend
2.4.1. Dashboard
2.4.2. Overview
2.4.3. Settings
VDR: General
VDR: Channels
Hardware: Remote Control
Hardware: Audio
Hardware: Display Settings
System: System
System: Network
VDR: Edit configuration files
System: Packages
2.4.4. System
Debugging Information
3. System Description
3.1. directory structure
3.1.1. Avahi Mounter
3.1.2. Mouting NFS Shares
3.2. PPAs for yaVDR
3.3. Remote Control
3.3.1. Eventlircd
Basic Principles
3.3.2. remote.conf
Gathering informationen about the receiver
3.3.3. ir-keytable
reading loaded keymap(s)
Determine scan codes
Creating a keymap
Loading a keymap
3.3.4. evtest
3.3.5. udev
udev rules
udev crash course
3.3.6. irw
3.3.7. lircd2uinput
3.3.8. IR-Server
3.3.9. LIRC Receivers
Serial receivers
Igor USB
3.3.10. X10 Remote Controls
3.3.11. Bluetooth devices
3.4. The template system
3.4.1. Example: the /etc/vdr/vdr-addon-acpiwakeup.conf file
3.5. yaVDR services
3.5.1. Upstart
3.5.2. NFS
3.5.3. Samba
3.6. Configuration files and interfaces
3.6.1. SVDRP
3.7. Plugins
3.7.1. Streamdev Plugin
Streamdev Server
Streamdev Client
3.7.2. xvdr Plugin
Access Control
3.7.3. dfatmo Plugin
Switching on/off with the Remote
3.7.4. RestfulAPI Plugin
3.7.5. Dynamite Plugin
3.8. Debugging
4.1. Configuration Files
4.2. Log
4.3. Remote Control, Keyboard and Mouse

List of Tables

2.1. Keyboard Table in yaVDR
3.1. Standard directories for local multimedia files in yaVDR
3.2. Key names complying with naming convention in yaVDR 0.5