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yaVDR 0.7 aka yaVDR ansible (yaVDR installable as an Ansible playbook)

After the release of yaVDR 0.6 the remaining active member(s) of the yaVDR team continued to work on uptodate yaVDR packages but instead of creating a new ISO image for yaVDR installation a new approach made more sense: Using an Ansible playbook, it is possible to install yaVDR packages on top of a stock Ubuntu Server image.

There is a lot of documentation in German language regarding the Ansible playbook approach here:


yaVDR 0.6

A German language documentation for yaVDR 0.6 can be found here:



FAQ (partly outdated)

An English language FAQ on yaVDR is not in place yet. We would like to ask our users to use a translation service like Google translate to access the German language FAQ at www.vdr-wiki.de:

Please use this as a workaround until we have found time to create a proper translation. Thanks!

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