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XBMC amd64 incomplete on Launchpad!? How come?

03. May 2010, hepi - PVR@XBMC

It happens from time to time - for example today: amd64 users are confused when they get an error message on installing the latest amd64 packages of XBMC-PVR-Testing from the hepi/yaVDR PPA via apt:

xbmc-data: Depends: xbmc-bin (< pvr-testing-32~hepi-lucid29507.1~) but pvr-testing-33~hepi-lucid29722 is to be installed

The reason for this is that Launchpad has finished building the amd64 packages before the i386 packages were built. How can that be a problem? Some of the packages that XBMC consists of, are marked as platform independent. This means, they only have to be built once and can be used on both platforms, be it i386 or amd64. Launchpad builds those packages marked as platform independent during the i386 build and ignores them during the amd64 build.


XBMC amd64 incomplete on Launchpad!? How come?

Bloggers discover yaVDR - we discover blogging!

28. April 2010, hepi - yaVDR

Quite exciting: yaVDR on YouTube (more on that below), and: As of today, we have a blog running on this website!

We hope that this will make it easier for you to stay informed about our yaVDR related work, releases and package updates. We also plan to post new tutorials and documentation via this blog in the future. Some stuff will be targetted at end-users, some stuff at developers. Please subscribe to our RSS feed with your favourite feed reader and you won't miss anything. It goes without saying that you are invited to comment our blog postings. We are looking forward to your feedback.  

Bloggers discover yaVDR - we discover blogging!

Release of yaVDR 0.1.1 ISO image

20. February 2010, hepi - yaVDR

The new ISO image release 0.1.1 should fix all known installation issues of its predecessor 0.1. It also contains major improvements regarding internationalization. If aborts of the installer prevented you from installing yaVDR 0.1, please give the new version a try. If you are using yaVDR 0.1 in German language and didn't experience troubles during installation, you don't need to reinstall yaVDR 0.1.1: All package updates are available through apt(itude).

The following things have changed in yaVDR 0.1.1:


Release of yaVDR 0.1.1 ISO image

10th anniversary: Happy birthday VDR!

19. February 2010, hepi - yaVDR

VDR - Klaus Schmidingers famous open source software, celebrates its 10th anniversary today! Join us celebrating this important date at the VDR-Portal! The yaVDR team will contribute to this special occasion by publishing a new yaVDR ISO image with a lot of bugfixes during the upcoming weekend. Stay tuned!

yaVDR covered in article of German PC Magazin

10. February 2010, hepi - yaVDR

The current issue of German PC Magazin (03/2010) contains an article about setting up a HTPC with VDR and XBMC. The author, Jörg Knitter, has kindly chosen the yaVDR project as an example on how to quickly get a VDR system with HDTV running. The German title of the article is "XXL: Perfekter HTPC mit VDR und XBMC". We are very happy about this positive reception of the yaVDR project within the press.

Update: The full article is now available on the magazines' website.

yaVDR 0.1 - our first release

15. January 2010, hepi - yaVDR

Today, we are proud to announce the release of version 0.1 which is our first release ever. You can download it in the form of an ISO image. It is far away from trouble-free usage, but it already works quite well. We recommend to only use it for testing purposes, it is not stable. Since this first release has a few bugs regarding international language settings, we recommend only to use it if you plan to select German language during installation. Within our next ISO release, these bugs will be fixed.

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