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VDR developer version 1.7.21 is being packaged for yaVDR

06. September 2011, hepi - VDR Core

Two days ago, Klaus Schmidinger has announced the release of VDR developer version 1.7.21. As always, we are excited about the new version and want to thank Klaus for his steady work on VDR core.

The yaVDR team has already started to use the new developer version to create updated experimental VDR packages in our PPA unstable-vdr. Packages for Ubuntu Lucid (yaVDR 0.3) and Ubuntu Natty (yaVDR 0.4) are now available, but most of them are untested. It is possible that we will update our PPA testing-vdr with the predecessor version: Our VDR 1.7.20 packages that are only a couple of days old now need a new home.

Let's have a look at the changes in VDR 1.7.21.

VDR developer version 1.7.21 is being packaged for yaVDR

Managing your VDR channel list - Easier than ever with yaVDR 0.4

05. September 2011, hepi - yaVDR

How much fun do you normally have while re-sorting your channel list? Digital TV providers offer their customers hundreds of TV channels and radio stations. At some point almost every person who receives digitial TV has to fiddle with re-sorting some of these channels. This can cause major frustration because the on-screen menus of Set Top Boxes or TVs with built-in receivers often seem to be designed without the urge to win usability awards. Have you ever tried to move a channel from position 2847 to position 7 using the remote control? And after that, to move another channel from position 2846 to position 8? It's as much fun as playing Tetris while the blocks are only dropping by one line per minute.

Even within the open source PVR world it's a challenge to offer a solution with decent usability. But this is going to change soon: Upcoming yaVDR 0.4 will assist you with your channel list in quite a clever way. Let's have a look at the all new channel list editor in the yaVDR web frontend and its built-in access to Channelpedia, the new VDR channel list directory.

Managing your VDR channel list - Easier than ever with yaVDR 0.4

It's time to talk about upcoming yaVDR 0.4

10. May 2011, hepi - yaVDR

yaVDR 0.4 is slowly taking shape: We would like to give you an overview about all important changes and new features that we plan to put into yaVDR 0.4. This will happen in a series of blog postings, starting off today with focus on the cornerstones of yaVDR 0.4.

To make it more exciting to read, I'm pretending that somebody is conducting an interview with the yaVDR developers. (There should be an open source software that automatically comes up with the right interview questions to make it easier to write such stuff.)

It's time to talk about upcoming yaVDR 0.4

Relaunch of VDR Portal with new skin and board engine

26. March 2011, hepi - VDR Community

genka, the administrator of VDR Portal has surprised the VDR community with a long promised board software update and a new board skin today. Some fine-tuning is still needed but the big picture is visible: The old-fashioned design of VDR Portal is gone and was replaced with a more modern look and feel and an improved user interface.

There will be a little learning curve involved for those members who have used VDR Portal for years and years and now have to adopt to the new navigation and structure, but in a few days time everybody should have grasped how to do things again.

One problem currently exists: The URL structure of the board has changed and personal bookmarks, Google search results and links from other websites will currently result in a "404 File not found" page. We hope that there will be a solution for this problem soon. UPDATE:This problem has been fixed.

The VDR Portal is the most important discussion place for the VDR community and has been for years. Sadly, there is no English language counterpart to it at the moment. But as often stated, English language postings are welcome in the yaVDR sub-forum which is now accessible via this URL:


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