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yaVDR 0.6: Our best kept non-secret

Avatar of hepihepi - 28. February 2016 - yaVDR

Dear fans of yaVDR! Although it was quiet around this blog for the past one and a half years, let me tell you: Our project is still alive and we have some news for you. The good news is: We have managed to publish a new yaVDR 0.6.0 release based on Ubuntu 14.04 containing lots of updated VDR packages. The bad news is: We have failed to tell you about this in English language so far. But don't worry, we are making up for this now.


For a start, we have now got around to prepare the English language announcement text for the new version and we will publish it in sync with the upcoming first update/bugfix release to yaVDR 0.6 that is getting its finishing touches from our team members at the moment: yaVDR 0.6.1 will contain some bugfixes, some package updates and a current version of Kodi.

We recommend you to stay tuned for the announcement of yaVDR 0.6.1 on this blog. If you can't wait and would like to read about yaVDR 0.6.0 in German language, please have a look at the announcement posting in VDR portal or browse our German language documentation.

Delay in English translations or lack of English translations is due to the limited budget of spare time we are currently able to invest into the yaVDR project. If you are willing to help out on this issue and translate German resources into English, please get in touch.

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