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Updates for yaVDR 0.5: VDR 2.0.6, XBMC Gotham, Lirc etc.

Avatar of hepihepi - 25. July 2014 - yaVDR

Dear yaVDR 0.5 users,

We are providing you with some updates in our Launchpad PPAs that you can install as package updates from the command line via apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade.

After applying the updates you will be enjoying

  • XBMC Gotham
  • VDR 2.0.6 (including mini73's patch hide-first-recording-level).
  • Up-to-date versions of cxxtools, tntnet und tntnetdb
  • A number of updated VDR Plugins from our testing PPAs
  • A version of Lirc that contains the latest patch for yaUsbIr

Please read the full blog posting to learn about possible caveats during the update process.


All updated packages can be found in our stable PPAs (stable-vdr, stable-xbmc, stable-yavdr) and also in our main PPA.

Backups to be done before you do the dist-upgrade:

  1. Generally it is a good idea to backup all manually tweaked configuration files that are managed by the yaVDR templating engine.
  2. lircd.conf: If you have manually configured LIRC by editing the file lircd.conf, please backup this file manually before applying the LIRC update. (In case you have forgotten this step: There is a chance to find the lost version in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.dpkg-old.)

Important notes for the dist-upgrade via command line:

  1. During a dist-upgrade you will be prompted to decide if the files /etc/init.d/tntnet and /etc/init.d/lirc should be installed from the respective packages: Please answer "no"! Object to this because yaVDR already contains upstart jobs to start and stop those services.
  2. After updating Lirc it is possible that you have to reconfigure Lirc again via the yaVDR web frontend (it should be sufficient to hit the "Save" button again. Caution: Only apply your lircd.conf back after you have done this.
  3. In case that XBMC Gotham crashes during playback of h.264 material, please disable VAAPI within the expert mode video playback settings of XBMC.
  4. The configuration of tntnet has changed: tntnet reads its configuration from the file /etc/tntnet/tntnet.xml which is now being managed automatically via yaVDRs templating engine.

Enjoy your updated yaVDR 0.5!

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22. January 2016

will there be more recent releases?

I wonder if there will be more recent releases since yaVDR 0.5 with vdr 2.0.6 is a bit ageing. At the moment vdr 2.2 is stable and xbmc is now kodi. Would be great, it's a good peace of software and it's doing a good job in our living rooms. Thank you for that. You did a good job!!!


17. September 2014

They did it :-)

With this release, yaVDR team offer simply the best distribution for anyone who want to create an advanced and amazing setup box.


Thank you yaVDR Team !

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