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4th anniversary, 77.777 downloads so far: Time to take a look back...

Avatar of hepihepi - 15. January 2014 - yaVDR

Today is a special day: Exactly four years ago we have released the first version of our Ubuntu based VDR distribution: yaVDR 0.1. Within those four years we were able to publish five versions in total (not counting a couple of bug-fix releases). yaVDR installer images have been downloaded more than 75.000 times during this period of time. In fact, we just counted download number 77.777 a couple of days ago.

We want to use this anniversary as an opportunity to look back at the past four years and give you a little overview about what exactly happened during this time span.


We will tackle questions like the following: Why did we create this project and why are we still working on it? How did the public apprehend our releases? How satisfied and how big is our user base? How many living rooms were we able to conquer? Who is to thank for the success of yaVDR?

Not all these questions can be answered easily but we will try to address some of them over the next few days within additional blog postings. Please stay tuned! Come back tomorrow to read more.

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Udo Hartmann

15. January 2014

Happy anniversary!

I'm very happy with yavdr, even my wife can watch 'her' series :-)


15. January 2014


Hello good to see new blog entry! Flow of package updates is still, but blogs are rare.

I am a happy user with one living room occupied :-)

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