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Installation from a USB stick: Now smoother with hybrid ISO image

Avatar of hepihepi - 15. July 2013 - yaVDR

In the past some of our users had problems installing yaVDR from USB sticks. If you belong to this group of frustrated users: Read on, we have good news for you!


Our recommendation for users how wanted to do an USB installation has been until now: Use the Linux tool usb-creator for filling the stick and making it bootable. But we regularly got feedback from users who were frustrated that their tool of choice on their operating system of choice wouldn't do the trick.

After the release of our ISO image 0.5.0a in May 2013 we suddenly got more problem reports from our users than before: They were now also experiencing problems installing yaVDR from USB sticks that were treated with the tool usb-creator. One of our users gave us the tip to use the tool isohybrid on our ISO image to circumvent those problems. Our tests with a ISO image treated with isohybrid were successful: We hope that many more tools including usb-creator can now be used to create a valid bootable installation medium on an USB stick.

We decided to offer an additional ISO image of yaVDR 0.5 to you that was already treated with isohybrid. If you want to install yaVDR 0.5 from an USB stick you should give this new image a try and report to us if you experienced any problems. Please tell us which tool you used to put the image onto a stick and on which OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc.) that happened.

Please find the new image on our download page.

Have fun!

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