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Updated yaVDR 0.5 ISO image is on the way to solve problem

Avatar of hepihepi - 10. May 2013 - yaVDR

Our users have informed us today that they are facing issues when installing yaVDR 0.5 from the ISO image. The installer stops at about 85% of the installation with an error message. We can reproduce these problems and now offer a new ISO image that corrects the issue.


It is likely that the problem came into existence because Ubuntu has published a package update today containing a new DVB firmware file that is also in one of our firmware packages on the ISO image. Luckily, this is the first time since October 2012 that we got any reports about installation problems that were not related to problems on the user side.

We have created an updated ISO image yavdr64-0.5.0a.iso (based on Ubuntu 12.04.2)  that should fix the problem: Please find the image on our download page.

Thank you!

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04. November 2013

No, vdr-portal.de is not down

Please check your network settings. VDR-Portal is online, I'm not aware of a downtime.





04. November 2013

vdr-portal.de down?

Having an issue with AC3 audio in some North American ATSC channels missing altogether after a recent update, but get no response from the vdr-portal.de server for a few days now. Is there an IRC channel or other means of communicating with the Team?


06. October 2013

Yes, it's fixed

Hi Günther, since the release of this ISO image (which is now outdated since the hybrid ISO image is in place since July) we didn't have any reports that the issue persists. The iso image you are referring to has been downloaded about 2000 times and we didn't receive any other feedback like yours. Please check if the ISO was downloaded correctly - or better: Use the latest avaible ISO image: the hybrid ISO.

Günther Ade

30. September 2013

Updated yaVDR 0.5 ISO image is on the way to solve problem

Yesterday I tried to install 0.5.0a and I get the same error. Is this bug really fixed?


13. May 2013

The new ISO fixed the problem

Thanks a lot, the yavdr64-0.5.0a.iso works nicely! :-)

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