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Announcing yaVDR-0.5.0

Avatar of LarsLars - 13. October 2012 - yaVDR

Finally here it comes, expected for a long time, tested by a lot of volunteers, crafted by unresting developers and contributors:

yaVDR 0.5.0

If you've followed this blog or the multiple discussions at the VDR portal you may be familiar with the various changes that have been integrated into this new release. We did our very best as time permits to make it as stable as it can. Despite all testing there're some known issues which coudn't be solved. But they aren't "bad enough" to keep us from releasing the current status.


While you are downloading the ISO-image please read the following so you don't get surprised by problems which may rise.

There are some new features and improvements in yaVDR 0.5, following is a short overview about the most important changes since yaVDR 0.4:

  • Based on Ubuntu 12.04.1 64-bit with kernel 3.2.x (3.2.0-32 at the moment)
  • The alternate-installer now offers the possibility to configure your wireless LAN (untested)
  • LVM is not selected as default, instead the classic partitioning is used (you should adjust it, so a seperate /srv exists to make future updates easier)
  • nVidia-driver 304.51
  • new linux-media-dkms version
  • As always the packages are originated from the yaVDR stable-PPAs
  • The Upstart-scripts were heavily overworked, so take care before you blindly copy your old customizations into the new version.
  • VDR version 1.7.27
  • No more LiveBuffer-Patch (see [Wunschkonzert] Livebuffer-plugin)
  • softhddevice is now the new default frontend (xine, xinelibputput/vdr-sxfe, PVR350 as well as TT S2-6400 and SD-FF from TT are also available, even XBMC can be chosen, but that's the most experimental of all)
  • For softhddevice a new vdr-frontend.conf is introduced, which delays the attaching of the frontend if the vdr has started for a timer or through the acpiwakeup-addon until the user presses a key on the remote (or the enter key if no other window has the focus). This is needed because the attaching of the frontend triggers user activity and the vdr will use the user-inactivity timeout after the recording has finished and not the MinEventTimeout. With KEY_PROG1 you can detach the frontend again. If KEY_POWER2 is pressed the frontend will be detached after 15s, in case vdr runs at this moment and the user hasn't aborted the shutdown. The keys and some other options can be changed with a custom template at /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/init/vdr-frontend.conf/03_config_softhddevice which overlays the original /usr/share/yavdr/templates/etc/init/vdr-frontend.conf/03_config_softhddevice.
  • XBMC Eden PVR-Branch
  • xbmc-addon-yavdrtools: coordinated shutdown management between XBMC and VDR, kind of useful if XBMC runs as the only frontend. Can be manually installed as needed (see [yaVDR 0.5-alpha1] Tester gesucht: yaVDR-Tools XBMC-Addon).
  • improved dbus2vdr-plugin (see dbus2vdr README)
  • new features from the dynamite-plugin (see dynamite README)
  • new version of the restfulapi-plugin
  • Improvements at the configurations of remotes:
    • lircd2uinput binds all daemons with a lirc-socket (LIRC, ir-server) and can be manually configured for not included but functional daemons like activylirc or irmpserver.
    • Integration of the keymaps and evmaps for several remotes posted by diligent users at the bugtracker
    • udev-rule for home-brew (16x50 UART compatible serial port)-devices, to compensate changing lirc-device-numbers caused by some TV-drivers
    • support for yaUsbIR, just select it at the WFE (see yaUsbIr LIRC-fähiger USB IR Empfänger/Sender mit Einschalter)
    • included, pre-configured lircd.conf files for the KLS and MCE profile can be choosen easily for yaUsbIr and home-brew (16x50 UART compatible serial port)-devices at the WFE
    • standard-profile for CIR-receiver + MCE
    • support for the PS3 BD remote (initial pairing is needed)
  • automatic detection of Sundtek-DVB-cards in the network and installtion of the needed drivers during the yaVDR installation
  • improved Avahi-Mounter for dynamic NFS-mounts between different yaVDR system (≥ 0.4) and servers with matching Avahi announcements of its shares
  • If another yaVDR is running on the same network during the installation, its channels.conf will be copied and the streamdev-client plugin will be preconfigured in the setup.conf, which just has to be installed and activated afterwards.

Updated dokumentation:
http://www.yavdr.org/documentation/0.5/de/ (not complete yet)

This version is a "stable" intermediate result in the yaVDR development (like all previous stable-releases). There are some known problems with the automatic detection of soundcards and the first start of the vdr, which can raise with special hardware combinations.

This version uses the stable-PPAs. Users of yaVDR 0.5alpha1/beta can switch to it with changing the entries at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yavdr.list from testing to stable and a following "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade". An update from an earlier yaVDR-version is not possible.

Please consider the following rules, so we can benefit from your feedback (and so you will get a more "precise" yaVDR 0.5):


  • No error reporting in the announce-thread, but at the yaVDR forum with a [yaVDR 0.5] tag and a meaningful title, detailed error description, logs and a good solution of course. ;)
  • you can post bugs at the yaVDR-Bugtracker - registration is needed, since we need feedback from the users when we have changed something)
  • One thread per problem
  • No more "Help, my XYZ doesn't work"-threads without noticeable knowledge of the thread originator or totally noob-problems, which have been discussed here at the forum - the search button has already been invented.
  • No support for broken installations, mixtures with interfering PPAs, destroyed configuration files etc.

And as always: "Good Luck"

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08. January 2013

Update from alpha to stable

Change /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yavdr....


Put in stable instead of testing in multiple lines.





10. December 2012

How to update from YaVDR 0.5 alpha to stable?

Could anybody advice me how to update the 0.5 alpha version to this 0.5 stable? Is it even possible without clean install?


15. October 2012

Excelent as always!

Congratulations are in order, guys! You out did it again.

I wish you the best!

Now entering making coffee/software testing mode...



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