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For serious testers: Announcing yaVDR 0.4 pre1 ISO image

Avatar of hepihepi - 05. July 2011 - yaVDR

The promised first "alpha" or "pre" ISO image of yaVDR 0.4 is finally out, bearing the name yavdr64-0.4.0-pre1.iso. The members of the yaVDR team are proud that the public can now join in with testing, improving and extending what we have been working on hard since October 2010.


This is not a stable or polished or feature-complete release. Brave testers or developers who fear no risks may download it via our download page and test it. Inexperienced users should stick with yaVDR 0.3 until the stable release of yaVDR 0.4 is out.

We already tried to answer some basic questions regarding what will be new in yaVDR 0.4 within the blog posting It's time to talk about yaVDR 0.4. Please read this posting first if you haven't done so yet. Especially if you haven't heard yet about our switch-over to 64 bit.

Testers, please file any bug reports at https://bugs.yavdr.com/projects in English language (yes, it's that dodgy site with a SSL certificate that makes the browser complain). Please check the already existing bug reports before you create duplicates.

Of course, a lot of questions remain open at this stage. We will try to answer them as our time permits and hopfully get around to create a "Known Issues" document. If you can't wait, please consider to post questions regarding the new features and concepts at VDR Portal.

Some basic information regarding this release

  • All (pre-)releases of yaVDR 0.4 are based on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) 64 bit. The ISO image is called yavdr64-0.4.0-pre1.iso to indicate that.
  • Installation: As always, this is not a Live CD. As always, the text based alternative installer of Ubuntu is being re-used by yaVDR. You can also install any yaVDR release in a virtual machine for testing purposes.
  • Upgrade: There is no way to upgrade from yaVDR 0.3 to a (pre-) release of yaVDR 0.4. But it should be possible to update from one yaVDR 0.4 pre-release to the next (by doing apt-get update / apt-get dist-upgrade) and from a pre-release to the final version of yaVDR 0.4. If not, we will inform you.
  • Underlying package repositories (Launchpad PPAs): yavdr64-0.4.0-pre1.iso contains Natty packages from those PPAs having testing in their name (testing-vdr, testing-yavdr, testing-xbmc) and also from the new PPA called main. Package updates will also be pulled from these PPAs (and of course as always from Ubuntu's official standard repos). All further pre-releases will also use the testing PPAs. But a future final release of yaVDR 0.4 will then use the stable PPAs instead of the testing PPAs. As always, packages containing our latest development changes (that may contain big problems!) are being built and tested in our unstable PPAs, separated from the testing and stable PPAs. We can copy packages from any of our PPAs to another. The order will always be: From unstable to testing, from testing to stable.
  • to be continued

Known Issues

If you understand some German: There is a German language announce thread regarding this pre1-release on VDR Portal. We will take care that all important information will also be made available in English.

Have fun!

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Jason Markham

27. August 2011

yavdr 0.4 testing

I must thank all the yavdr team. i am impressed with the stability of this build, the menu is much slicker and stable, and the web interface is much more easy to use . the hdmi audio was detected without problems and my tbs card was also detected and i skipped the driver installation stage.


i must compliment the team also to the channelpedia feature. will this feature be update frequently ?


thanks once again and keep it up the good work



06. August 2011

Nice Work



nice work, i think its too much stable for alpha ;)

I would be interested in but also about when you could expect 0.4 stable?


Sorry for my bad english.



04. August 2011

Great !


I'm new to VDR and Ubuntu based solutions.

But I'm impressed !


I used to use mandriva with mythtv but it's hard to configure and DVD/MKV files support is less good than XBMC.


I have an Antec Veris iMon LCD based solution with NVIDIA 8200 GC and Hauppauge Double TNT tuner card (NOVA-T 500) and it works like a charm !

No configuration needed !


I need too discover configuration, VDR manipulation and XBMC configuration to work with all buttons of my iMon PAD remote but I'm very glad to see that there's finally a good solution wich do what I searched for years : All in One multimedia and HDTV in one solution.


Waiting for the final release !


Big thanks !


25. July 2011

Well, it helps if you can read... :D I'll install it! :)


25. July 2011

Thanks for this great piece of software! Only one question restrains me from a fresh install of version 0.4-pre over my 0.3a: Will the 0.4-pre be upgradable to a full 0.4-stable once it is finished, or is another fresh install required?


14. July 2011

Thanks from me also!

Hi guys,


so far the little testing I did looked great. In particular, the Sundtek-Stick was recognized during setup and the relevant drives installed automatically. Further, I think the webinterface is now much nicer to look at!


Thanks and keep up the good work!




05. July 2011






05. July 2011

i18n 2 czech

I'd like to help with translating where to start?



05. July 2011

Thank You

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank YouThank YouThank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

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