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Avatar of hepihepi - 28. April 2010 - yaVDR

Quite exciting: yaVDR on YouTube (more on that below), and: As of today, we have a blog running on this website!

We hope that this will make it easier for you to stay informed about our yaVDR related work, releases and package updates. We also plan to post new tutorials and documentation via this blog in the future. Some stuff will be targetted at end-users, some stuff at developers. Please subscribe to our RSS feed with your favourite feed reader and you won't miss anything. It goes without saying that you are invited to comment our blog postings. We are looking forward to your feedback.

  The small amount of already existing news items from the homepage was transferred into this blog for reasons of completeness. This may now look like the blog has already been around for a couple of months, but you know it better.

Having this blog up and running, we are finally able to respond to the increasing amount of other bloggers out there who seem to like yaVDR and are happy to write about it: Many thanks to all these nice people!

Today, we would like to pick out one of the bloggers and give him some credit for his work: German blogger Kai from blogdoch.net not only wrote two blog postings about his experiences with yaVDR. Furthermore, he created two videos with English subtitles about yaVDR 0.1.1 on YouTube. Enjoy:

The original German language blog postings containing the YouTube videos are available here:

yaVDR – erste Eindrücke

yaVDR 0.1.1 – HDTV und mehr

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