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Release of yaVDR 0.1.1 ISO image

Avatar of hepihepi - 20. February 2010 - yaVDR

The new ISO image release 0.1.1 should fix all known installation issues of its predecessor 0.1. It also contains major improvements regarding internationalization. If aborts of the installer prevented you from installing yaVDR 0.1, please give the new version a try.

If you are using yaVDR 0.1 in German language and didn't experience troubles during installation, you don't need to reinstall yaVDR 0.1.1: All package updates are available through apt(itude).

The following things have changed in yaVDR 0.1.1:


  • Improved internationalization
    • You will now get the installation dialogs in the language you have chosen.
    • The VDR OSD will come up in the chosen installation language (if available). (There are small issues here that need some work.)
    • The web frontend is now available in English (default), Dutch, Italian and German language. Translators are welcome to contact us to make more languages available.
  • Smooth Installation
    • You can now choose LVM option during installation.
    • HDDs formerly used in raid setups don't cause the installer to stop.
    • Although we recommend it, you don't need a working network connection any more during installation. (Having said that, you still need a working network to run yaVDR. If you skip network setup during installation you have to setup your network settings manually on first boot.)
    • Using a system without any optical drives is not any more prevented by a problem (plugin burn is not mandatory any more).

  • Updated packages
    • yaVDR 0.1.1 ships with the latest packages available from our Launchpad PPAs.
    • A detailed list of bugfixes and improvements within these packages will follow soon.

Please keep in mind: yaVDR is still only recommended to be used for testing purposes.

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