HDTV and Kodi in your living room - based on Nvidia VDPAU, VDR and Ubuntu Linux

yaVDR: Combining the power of VDR and Kodi


"yet another VDR" (yaVDR) is a Linux distribution focussed on Klaus Schmidingers Video Disk Recorder and based on Ubuntu Linux.

Although yaVDR works quite well already, there are many things that are either buggy or don't work automatically yet. So we don't recommend it for productive usage in case you have no experiences in configuring VDR manually.

yaVDR tries to let you:

  • Record your favourite TV programmes and watch your media in a smart way
    Quickly set up a digital video recorder (PVR) on your HTPC, receive SD and HD channels, manage it simply with a remote control. Furthermore, take advantage of the full blown media center software Kodi to listen to music, watch videos, check the weather.
  • Enjoy High Definition without high CPU load

    HDTV normally needs a strong CPU to be displayed flawlessly. If you own a Nvidia ION based nettop or a HTPC with a Nvidia GPU that supports VDPAU, your CPU will remain cool and your energy bill won't hurt you. yaVDR relies on VDPAU which is currently the only simple way to get GPU based HD video decoding on Linux.

  • Start immediately after turning on the HTPC

    yaVDR wants to compete with other living room devices as much as possible using upstart to speed up the boot. Besides that, the shutdown method S3 (Suspend to RAM) is enabled by default to bypass cold boot. It is possible to let the system automatically wake up on timers and go to sleep after a configurable timeout.

  • Profit from our work, even if you don't install yaVDR

    If a complete distribution is not the right thing for you and you still want to use the latest VDR packages with your ordinary Ubuntu installation: No problem! Just use the Launchpad repositories yaVDR is based on. Install the selection of VDR packages that you need.

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